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Nick Arrington is a lifelong resident of the DC metro area. A 1976 graduate of Madison College and later The Mendenhall School of Auctioneering.

In the ’70’s Nick managed or owned several Equipment dealerships including several John Deere CP dealerships where his duties included organizing and participating in auctions which included trade-in, off-lease and repossessed equipment through various Auctioneers.

In the 80’s he concentrated his efforts on the commercial recovery and repossession of business assets of every type imaginable on behalf of regional lenders – typically involving “no-pay / slow-pay” leasing and financing situations. Unhappy with the results of contracted auctioneers, he attended The Mendenhall School Of Auctioneering in the ’80’s. Here he was one of only a handful of students in the history of the school to score a perfect score of 100 on the final exam. Shortly thereafter he obtained his Auctioneer’s license.

For almost 30 years he has served the general public, estates, legal and banking communities resolving a myriad of problems related to thousands of asset recovery situations.

Not all auctioneers are cut from the same cloth. Don’t take chances with a Real Estate Agent who has suddenly added the title “Auctioneer” on their business  card — who couldn’t tell you the difference between a jack hammer and a jack-in-the-box — or an Elementary School  Teacher who conducts one sale a month on the side.

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Bob Tyler-Chapter 7 Trustee (Retired)

When someone has the responsibility for turning property of any sort into as much cash as the market will bear, it’s pure folly not to engage the services of an experienced liquidator like Nick Arrington. Not only is it necessary to “know the territory” in which sale of the property should take place, the seller also needs to know who the prospective purchasers for the property are likely to be, the best way to reach them – internet, news media, direct mail, -- and what the probable sale price range is likely to be. During the twenty-five years or so that I used Mr. Arrington as my agent for the purpose of liquidating property in bankruptcy cases where I was Trustee, we successfully sold real estate, cars, machinery, furniture, computers, and more other stuff than I can remember. Always the professional, he had a knack for making people enjoy dealing with him, was always prepared, and made me look good. I can’t thank him enough.

A. Henry-Executor Rappahannock Co. Virginia

We can’t thank you enough for your services in liquidating the antique cars in the Sperryville, Va. Estate. The entire process from pickup to arranging delivery to the new owners was seamless. Your pre auction estimates met or exceeded the values on each vehicle. We never imagined the cars would end up in so many different states and outside of the United States. Thanks again.